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RB Studios formerly Rich Bitch Studios is Birmingham's longest established recording and rehearsal studios. We aim to provide the very best musical equipment and rehearsal space in order to stimulate musical creativity and innovation.  RB Studios was founded by Robert and Linda Bruce over 34 years ago with the aim to support local musicians and bands.  Nothing has changed and we continue to offer an inclusive creative space for all.
The RB Team culminates over 120 years of industry experience so you are in the best of hands.
Our aim is simple: We will give you the best so that you can be your best.
We look forward to working with you.

Opening Times

PuppetSoup will endeavour to enrich the lives of people using puppetry and the arts as a medium of entertainment, communication and education.

PuppetSoup aspire to produce innovative, exciting and excellent puppetry and theatre that promotes the artform and expands audiences as well as encouraging participation in puppetry and related artforms.

PuppetSoup aim to make puppetry and the arts accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Our aim is to broaden the audience of puppetry and the arts across a diverse range of population from a wide range of social, economic and geographic backgrounds.

PuppetSoup aim to engage in creative and meaningful ways with as wide a range of audiences as possible. We endeavour to engage with other artists, professionals, companies, groups and individuals to create a variety of work and to incorporate puppetry within as broad a range of the arts as possible.

PuppetSoup aim to undertake both charitable and commercial bodies of work. RB Studios

RB Rehearsal Studio times:  
The opening times during the COVID-19 period will be limited. Please see the booking schedule.

Monday            5pm - 10pm

Tuesday           5pm - 10pm      

Wednesday     5pm - 10pm

Thursday          5pm - 10pm

Friday                5pm - 10pm

Saturday          12pm - 5 pm

Sunday              2 pm - 5 pm

Daytime hours  before 2 pm (By arrangement only - email us)

Mission Statement