Terms & Conditions

The following conditions for hire shall apply to all contracts entered into by RB Studios ('the Company') for the hire of the Studio ('the Studio') quoted in the Booking ('the Booking') and of the equipment ('the Equipment') for use in the Studio.

  1. 'The Customer' means the person, firm or Company designated a Customer in the initial Booking.

  2. The Company agrees to make available to the Customer for the period booked the Studio and Equipment ('the Equipment') specified therein at the fee quoted or otherwise agreed.

  3. This agreement is solely for the Customer (company/person) named on the form and is not transferable.

Payment and Booking Policy

  1. The Customer shall pay the first month initial rehearsal payment by cash, card or BACS.

  2. Future regular rehearsal charges must be paid in full in advance of the month booked by BACS, Cash or Card. Failure to make this payment will be considered a fundamental breach of contract. All regular bookings must be paid in advance.

  3. 28 days notice needs to be given in writing to RB Studios if you decide to cancel your regular booking.  Acceptance of the written notice is deemed once you have received confirmation of cancellation of your membership from RB Studios in writing.

  4. The customer will commit to a minimum of 12 months to qualify for the RB Studios Platinum Package (which includes a rehearsal holiday or break for 1 month or 4 weekly or fortnightly rehearsal sessions).

  5. One off bookings are to be paid in full before or on booking day. 


  1. If the Customer cancels any Booking, the Company shall take reasonable steps to replace the cancelled Booking with another hiring. Otherwise the band members are encouraged to use their allotted rehearsal time slot.

  2. If such cancellation is due to fire, natural catastrophe, industrial dispute, failure of national or local power supply or any other circumstances beyond the Company's control then the Company shall be under no liability and shall be entitled to be paid such part of the Booking fee as is fair and reasonable and having regard to the facilities supplied up to time.


  1. The Customer shall vacate RB Studios (2 Queens Drive, Kings Norton Business Centre, Birmingham, B30 3HH) promptly at the end of the booking and surrender the Equipment at the end of the Booking.

  2. If the Customer fails to vacate the rehearsal room promptly and/or surrender all or any of the Equipment at the end of the Booking the Company shall be entitled to charge a further fee in respect of excess usage which if overtime is involved may be higher than the rate for the Booking.

  3. RB Studios reserves the right to move your booking into an alternative rehearsal room or to cancel a recurring/rolling booking by giving not less than 5 days notice.

  4. RB Studios gives no guarantee, warranty or representation that 2 Queens Drive, Kings Norton Business Centre, Birmingham, B30 3HH (“the building”) or the facilities are fit or suitable for the Customer’s purposes.

  5. All musicians rehearsing and their appointed representatives are permitted to enter the Studio Complex and RB Studios reserve the right to refuse entry to or eject any person whose presence is not necessary for any rehearsal.

  6. The Customer shall ensure that all persons entering the Studio in connection with the Booking shall abide by the rules and regulations therein and the Company shall be entitled to exclude any persons in the event of their failure to observe such regulations.

  7. The Company reserves the right to refuse entry to any part of the Studio complex.

  8. Any Customer's equipment left at the Studio Complex at any time shall be at the Customers own risk.

  9. The Customer is expected to leave the facilities, both hired rooms and changing rooms, in a clean and tidy condition.

  10. The Customer is expected to treat with care the equipment and furniture provided with the use of the facilities. In case of breakage, the Customer shall be charged the replacement cost.

  11. RB Studios does not allow any animals to enter the building apart from guide dogs for the blind and hard of hearing.

  12. RB Studios agrees to light hired facilities and communal areas. A member of staff will be available to open and close the building.

  13. Any items left in the facilities or in the building by the Customer will be kept in lost property for 6 months.


  1. RB Studios accepts no liability whether under contract law, tort or statutory provision for loss or damage to the Customer or any user connected directly or indirectly to the customer other than that which may have been caused as a direct result of any negligence or fraudulent act or omission by RB Studios.

  2. Any loss or damage caused to the building, the facilities or their contents by the Customer or any person connected directly or indirectly to the Customer is the full responsibility of the Customer and costs incurred by RB Studios as a consequence of such loss or damage will be charged in full to the Customer and the Customer indemnifies RB Studios in respect of any loss or damage in respect of any claim made by a third party arising from any act or omission of the Customer or any user connected directly or indirectly to the Customer. CCTV is in operation and all outer doors & windows are sealed or locked.

Health & Safety

  1. By entering a contract with RB Studios to hire facilities in the building, the Customer agrees to comply with the studio policies that forbid all discrimination on grounds of race, religion or disability.

  2. The Customer agrees to comply with all regulations connected with the permitted use of the building, including fire regulations, health and safety regulations, performing rights regulations and licensing and gaming laws.  The Customer shall not use the facilities for any illegal or immoral purpose.

  3. The Customer is requested to familiarize themselves and any users connected to the fire emergency procedures.

  4. The building is strictly no smoking throughout.

  5.  The possession and taking of drugs is strictly forbidden.

  6.  To comply with fire regulations we are obliged to know how many people are on the premises at all times.

  7. Details of the fire alarm system and the evacuation procedures are displayed in each studio and in the public areas.

  8. If a session is terminated as a result of the breaking of these terms and conditions then the fee is non refundable.


This agreement shall be construed and governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership of any kind between RB Studios and the Customer.