Mental Health First Aid

RB Studios excited to be hosting the 2-day Mental Health First Aid course during August and September 2019.  This course is ideal for musicians, parents, teachers and artists who work with young people between the ages of  8 - 18 years.  Everyone who completes the course gets a Youth MHFA manual and a certificate confirming that they are a Youth Mental Health First Aider.


The course is delivered in four manageable chunks


- About mental health

- Depression and anxiety

- Suicide and psychosis

-Self-harm and eating disorders


Weekend session times: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm


Weekend session dates

November 2019

Saturday 2nd November - Sunday 3rd November 2019


Refreshments will be provided but please bring lunch.






Course confirmation

Please send an email to with the following information:


  • Full name

  • Preferred weekend session date

  • Address

  • Profession 


All personal information will be deleted on completion of the course.


Payment terms: Online payment

Course fee: £150

Name: JBG Behaviour Consultancy

Sort code: 20-08-44

Account No: 83917259

Ref: MHFA/Surname


Note: A minimum of 8 participants are needed for each session.


For more information visit


Course queries:




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